Teacher Request Applications Submitted on Fake Note

Everyday P-12 vice-principal, Ms Ruth Horan, believed her pre-emptive strike would stop the flood of letters from parents requesting their child not be taught by certain teachers next year. She was wrong.

Ms Horan sent home a note indicating to parents that if they are going to request their child to not have a certain teacher their request must be based on academic reasons. The vice-principal showed a rare glimpse of light-heartedness (and that she, in fact, does have a heart) by including a fake notice with the note that stated humorous reasons parent requests are submitted and asking parents to tick one of the boxes.

The parents obviously haven’t read the real note and assumed the fake note is real.

Ruth Horan Vice-Principal

Ms Horan commented, ‘The parents obviously haven’t read the real note and assumed the fake note is real. So far over fifty parents have ticked a box on the fake note and returned it.’

The reasons stated on the fake note included examples of what parents usually write on teacher requests with their real meaning underneath, such as:

– I am concerned my child will have a personality clash with the teacher

My child is a spoilt brat and will not do what this reasonable teacher asks of them

– The mix of students in that classroom will cause issues for my child

That dickhead student that disrupts every lesson is in the same classroom

– My previous experiences with the teacher have not been positive

I saw that teacher once (during the middle of report writing, applying for jobs and a marriage break-up) and they didn’t smile

– The teacher is too set in their ways

They will ignore my manipulative behaviour and not allow me to play puppet-master

– My child does not respond well to the teacher’s teaching style

My child is using lies in an attempt to be swapped into their best friend’s class

– That teacher picked on my eldest child and I do not want my second eldest to receive the same treatment

That teacher wouldn’t tolerate my eldest’s shocking behaviour and I’m not going through another year of daily phone calls and notes in the diary because my kid has played up

While Ms Horan is unsure of how to proceed, she is certain of one thing. ‘I won’t be attempting any humour ever again.’

I won’t be attempting any humour ever again.

Ruth Horan Vice-Principal

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