Everyday P-12 School Staff
The staff of Everyday P-12 School are a varied and eclectic community of teachers.
Mr James Matthews
James Matthews
Ms Ruth Horan
Assistant Principal
Ruth Horan
Mrs Dorothy Reid
Business Manager
Dorothy Reid
Mr Phillip Robinson
Business Studies & Careers Adviser
Phillip Robinson
Mr Michael O'Toole
Metal Fabrication, Woodwork & Electrical
Michael O'Toole
Mr Stu Richards
Physical & Outdoor Education
Stu Richards
Ms Ava Hollywood
Drama & Arts
Ava Hollywood
Mr Bailey Lawson
Information, Communication & Technology
Bailey Lawson
Ms Patricia McLeish
Patricia McLeish
Mr Adrian Fisher
Year 6
Adrian Fisher
Ms Bianca Daniels
Year 5
Bianca Daniels
Ms Jacqui Kenny
Year 4
Jacqui Kenny
Mr Sam Hargreaves

Year 3

Sam Hargreaves
Ms Makayla Matthews
Year 2
Makayla Matthews
Ms Julie Finlayson
Year 1
Julie Finlayson
Ms Marjorie Hall
Marjorie Hall
Mrs Heather Brown
Canteen Manager
Mr Hamish Ryan
Hamish Ryan
Mr Peter Hawthorn
Education Trainee
Peter Hawthorn