About Everyday P-12 School

Everyday P-12 School is situated in the north-east of south-west Victoria, approximately 180 km from Melbourne. The town of Everyday has a population of approximately 6,400 which swells to over 6,415 during the annual Black Cat Lolly Festival. This festival celebrates the ever popular lolly, the Black Cat, which was invented right here in Everyday by Mr Oscar Brick-Schitt and has remained a children’s favourite for decades.

The school’s extensive grounds are filled with trees, open spaces, sports areas and play equipment. In an achievement the school is extremely proud of, over 65% of the school grounds have recently been declared non-toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Everyday School

Our teachers are committed and above average in many areas (not only absenteeism and lateness, but also personal hygiene after our recent focus). The rumours that Everyday P-12 School is a special development school for teachers are not only false, they are also insulting. The thought that teachers in need of special development are sent to our school to improve their teaching, class management and social skills is hurtful and untrue for the majority of our staff.

Our recent NAPLAN results have been very encouraging. In English, our students rated above average in spelling, grammar and writing (when compared to students studying English in non-English speaking countries). Mathematics also saw our students receive positive results when viewed in perspective (and compared to students in third-world countries). Our college even managed to achieve over 96% in an area of the NAPLAN (attendance).

Everyday P-12 School strives to stay abreast of the latest teaching initiatives. With research showing sedentary behaviour can lead to various health issues, the school has allowed students to work standing up. This approach has been successful in many businesses and we look forward to seeing the health improvements in our students. Contrary to some parents’ belief, the decision to allow students to work while standing was not based on the school’s inability to purchase the required number of seats for each classroom. Taking the lead from studies into smaller class sizes, we have taken this to the next level and introduced smaller classroom sizes. Again, we enthusiastically look forward to seeing the results of this initiative. 


Our school council consists of staff representatives and community members who have nothing better to do or who wish to keep abreast of local gossip. The school council’s inflated sense of self-importance is matched only by their ability to conjure ridiculous ideas. The parent and community members have been responsible for many preposterous motions (including a pen pal program with the regional prison) which have been duly ignored by the school leadership team.

Everyday P-12 School is proud to be an ASS Feeder School (Assisting Small Schools through Feeding of Information). This program involves the school disseminating information to the smaller schools in our district to enable them access to programs and teaching initiatives they may otherwise miss out on.

For students who are interested in seeking a career in agriculture or animal health, we have a farm area set aside for the raising of various animals such as ducks, chooks, goats and sheep. We hope to re-introduce the animals into the farm area once their counselling is completed and the ducks’ feathers have grown back.

At Everyday P-12 School we are enormously proud of our efforts and achievements. Our large trophy cabinet is very impressive and will look even better when we win a trophy to place on its empty shelves. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at Everyday P-12 School!

Trophy Cabinet