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As a member of staff at Everyday P-12 School, one of my duties is to take notes on school incidents. These notes are documented in detail, and posted on our website, in the very likely event they will be required as part of legal proceedings. One such example was the case of Everyday P-12 School vs Willie Graham and whether or not it is acceptable conduct for the PE teacher to borrow a student’s iPad to watch Race 6 at the Swan Hill trots (judge ruled it is not acceptable and said teacher was forced to handover his winnings from the Race to Master Graham. The PE teacher was, however, able to keep the winnings from the quaddie in which race 6 was the first leg).

While I sincerely hope it is not the case, no doubt those of you who work, or have worked, in a school will recognise similarities between our staff, students and parents, and those at your school. Somehow the happenings at Everyday P-12 School seem to represent people, events and issues from schools across our great land. After all, we are an Everyday School.

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